wood and furniture industry

Thickness Gauge PAINT BORER 518 MC

for measuring the thickness of organic coatings on all base materials using the wedge cut principle, with microscope to be turned and moved sideways for measurements on ellipsoidal holes. ...more!

Impact Tester acc. to Wegner, Model 305

DIN 51 155 ...more!

Indentation Hardness Tester acc. to Buchholz, Model 263 (REFERENCE CLASS)

including special measuring microscope with illumination ...more!

Hardness Test Pencil, Model 318 S

with rolling head, incl. test tip no. 1 (acc. to Bosch; 0.75 mm Ø) and 3 springs ...more!


Basic unit with motor-driven (5 rpm) specimen table (115 mm dia.) for clamping test panels of max. size 100 x 100 x 22 mm or 140 mm dia. x 22 mm. ...more!

Scratch Hardness Tester LINEARTESTER 249

with 4-position height adjustable load arm ...more!

Abrasion Test Instrument Original TABER® ABRASER 352 G (Type 5135)

with digital display for the LED readouts and control panel membrane, including standard equipment; complying with the CE regulations. ...more!


The Gloss Measuring Device PICOGLOSS 560 MC-X was designed for the non-complicated mobile gloss measurement. In accordance with the standardized measurement angle of 60°, it also considers the requirements that results from the practical application. ...more!

Colour Comparison Cabinet MATCHMASTER 425 MC

microprocessorcontrolled colour comparison cabinet, 4 types of illuminates D65, A and TL84,and facility to add UV light. ...more!

Color and Gloss Unit SPEKTROMASTER 565-45

for simultaneous measurement of color (geometry 45/0, aperture 11 mm) and gloss (geometry 60°, aperture 5 x 10 mm) in accordance with DIN, ISO and ASTM. ...more!


Measuring device for the mechanical parameter force, with an integrated force transducer of 20 N, with USB interface. ...more!

Distribution Partner

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