shipping industry

Paint Inspection Gauge P.I.G. 455

compl. with normal tip no. 6 for layer thickness of up to 200 μm, leather carrying case and marking pen ...more!

Thickness Gauge PAINT BORER 518 MC

for measuring the thickness of organic coatings on all base materials using the wedge cut principle, with microscope to be turned and moved sideways for measurements on ellipsoidal holes. ...more!

Coating Thickness Gauge LAYERCHECK 750 USB-FN

Multi-Cross Cutter 295/V (REFERENCE CLASS)

11 edges, cutting distance 1 mm, for Grid Cutting Tests acc. to ASTM and JIS, incl. magnifying glass, polyamide bristle brush and plastic case ...more!

Hardness Test Pencil, Model 318 S

with rolling head, incl. test tip no. 1 (acc. to Bosch; 0.75 mm Ø) and 3 springs ...more!

Surface Analysis System QUANTIZ®

hard-/software, for the automatic evaluation of corrosion samples ...more!

Hot Drawing Equipment up to 700 °C

Heated Hot Drawing Device to perform tests as Nakajima or Marziniak for the determination of forming limit curves FLC / FLD. ...more!

Distribution Partner

PAINT BORER 518 USB Thickness gauge with high-resolution digital microscope and evaluation software read more
Analysis System QUANTIZ® for automatic evaluation of corrosion samples read more
RAL COLORCATCH NANO Colorimeter with new technology read more
Corrosion Testing Apparatus, Model 618 Corrosion testing for highest demands. read more
Corrosion Testing Apparatus, Model 608 Now available with function "dry heat up to +70 °C". read more