Cylindrical Mandrel Bending Tester, Model 266 S

To test adhesion and flexibility. Instrument with bending lever and 14 easily exchangeable cylindrical bending mandrels. ...more!

Multi-Cross Cutter 295/I (REFERENCE CLASS)

6 edges, cutting distance 1 mm, for Grid Cutting Tests acc. to EN ISO, ISO, VDA and EN, incl. magnifying glass, polyamide bristle brush and plastic case ...more!

Indentation Hardness Tester acc. to Buchholz, Model 263 (REFERENCE CLASS)

including special measuring microscope with illumination ...more!

Pendulum Damping Tester, Model 299/300 (REFERENCE CLASS)

with protective acrylic glass hood, calibrating plate with Manufacturer's Test Certificate, without pendulum and measuring module ...more!

Colour Comparison Cabinet MATCHMASTER 425 MC

microprocessorcontrolled colour comparison cabinet, 4 types of illuminates D65, A and TL84,and facility to add UV light. ...more!

Color and Gloss Unit SPEKTROMASTER 565-45

for simultaneous measurement of color (geometry 45/0, aperture 11 mm) and gloss (geometry 60°, aperture 5 x 10 mm) in accordance with DIN, ISO and ASTM. ...more!

Spiral Film Applicator (film width 80 mm), Model 358

complete set consisting of holder and 4 spirals, incl. carrying case. ...more!

Quadruple Film Applicator (film width 60 mm), Model 360 (REFERENCE CLASS)

incl. case, with 4 gap clearances of 30, 60, 90 and 120 μm ...more!

Flow Cup (Orifice dia. 2 mm), Model 243/I

technically equivalent to DIN 53 211, made of phenol resin, withou test certificate ...more!

Levelling Test Blade and Sag Tester, Model 419 (ASTM version)

Levelling Test Blade and Sag Tester, Model 419 (ASTM version) ...more!

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