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Salt spray (fog) and condensation tests

Condensation Water Test, Salt Spray Test, SO2-Test, Cyclic Corrosion Test, Weathering Test


In times of global trading with industrial products the requirements concerning the corrosion resistance of goods in the various climatic zones have increased. This led to the establishment of many test specifications for cyclic corrosion tests in order to simulate these alternating climates under tightened-up conditions. Under accelerated laboratory conditions these cyclic corrosion tests provide much better information on the relative degree of corrosion than e. g. pure salt spray fog tests. The strain caused by natural environmental conditions is simulated in a comparable manner by the way of cyclic corrosion tests.

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Product Examples:

Corrosion Testing Apparatus, Model 618

Besides the usual applications such as salt spray test and cyclic corrosion tests, the specimens can be stored and tested in an atmosphere with controlled humidity. Constant settings, as well as rising and falling ramps for temperature and humidity can be programmed quickly and easily using a display with "Touch" function. The Model 618 is ideal for using fast ramps for temperatures or rel. humidity or for slowly increasing/ decreasing over several hours. An additional air conditioner allows the operator to carry out low-temperature cycles down to - 40 ° C.

Corrosion Testing Apparatus, Model 606-Basic

The compact Corrosion Testing Instrument, Model 606-Basic, to perform salt spray and condensation tests, is made of impact resistant, eco-friendly polypropylene material and is delivered in a rectangular design. It consists of a test chamber, available either of 400 l or 1000 l capacity, and a built-in control unit. The control unit is equipped with a storage tank for the spray solution as well as the necessary control instruments. The test chamber can be opened manually. A dosing pump serves for an infinitely variable adjustment to achieve optimum consumption of spray solution. The storage tank for approx. 90 l salt solution allows continuous testing without attention over a period of up to a week.

Humidity Cabinet HYGROTHERM 519 FA

Humidity Cabinet with PLC for fully automatic or manual control of heating, acid feeding and draining, filling of the bottom trough with water as well as draining, filling of the trough water tank and filling with and evacuation of air. The fully automatic version is equipped with a gas dosing unit and a SO2 valve for tests in SO2 containing atmosphere.