MiniPac VDA - Stone impact simulation tests on real parts

The new MiniPac VDA can be used to inspect three-dimensionally shaped test specimens or small parts (vehicle attachment components, wheel segments, etc.).

Impact tester MiniPac VDA

MiniPac VDA impact attachment for stone impact simulations on real parts

  • For stone impact simulation testing on three-dimensionally shaped test specimens, small parts, e.g. vehicle attachment components, wheel segments, etc.

    • Sample sizes with max. 200 mm height, 450 mm width, 200 mm depth

    • In compliance with the impact angle of 54° specified in accordance with VDA in conjunction with the correct impact distance (due to the angled design of the MiniPac VDA, 90° cuboid test specimens with the maximum dimensions specified are not possible).

    • The impact attachment is prepared for connection to the MULTI GRIT TESTER 508 VDA as well as to the VDA Select module of the MULTI GRIT TESTER 508 Select.