Model 608
Cyclic corrosion tests, salt spray tests, condensation tests, in basic version, with 1000 litre effective volume
Corrosion Testing Equipment

608 / 1000-Basic

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Corrosion Testing Equipment

608 / 1000-Basic

The ERICHSEN Corrosion Testing Instrument, Model 608 / 1000-Basic, takes full advantage of our wide experience in the construction of all kinds of testing equipment as well as of the information and worldwide feedback received from users. Made of impact resistant, eco-friendly polypropylene material each instrument forms a closed unit. The Corrosion Test Apparatus, Model 608-Basic, consists of a test chamber of 1000 l capacity, and a built-in control unit as well as an external storage tank for the spray solution. The external storage tank for approx. 200 l salt solution allows continuous testing without attention over a period of up to a week. A dosing pump serves for an infinitely variable adjustment to achieve optimum consumption of spray solution. A circulation pump for mixing the salt solution in the storage tank is permanently installed in the lower part of the control unit. hecontrol cabinet 608 Basic is equipped with a PLC (programme logic control) SIEMENS D7 200.The test cycles as well as the test parameters are entered using the SIMATIC touch screen. Cyclic corrosion tests executed e.g. in accordance with the specification of VDA, VW or SWAAT, can be started in a user-friendly manner. By default, five programs for standard test sequences are provided. Program number 6 is available for customized programming.However, programs 1 to 5 can also be customized by the user to meet their specifications. After placing the specimens and the condensation receptacles in the test chamber, the test takes place fully automatically. The top of the test chamber dome is pneumatically opened and closed so that both hands can be used to lodge the specimens.

Purpose and application: Ferrous and non-ferrous metals are attacked continuously by humidity, acids, solutions, gases etc. It is therefore vitally important to choose the correct surface protection. There are many materials and qualities on the market and their properties must be properly assessed. Materials intended to prevent corrosion must be tested if failures are to be avoided. Furthermore the comparative quality control during production is of increasing importance. The best known processes employ spray vapour tests using various salt solutions as well as condensation water climates.

Test principle: Aggressive solutions are turned into a vapour mist in accordance with the tests that are listed below. These vapours surround the specimens in the test chamber either continuously or in a cyclic manner. The corrosion resistance of the individual specimens is established on the basis of the difference in time before the first corrosive effects become apparent.

Scope of delivery:

  • Corrosion Testing Apparatus, Model 608/1000-Basic
  • external storage tank
  • 3 specimen holder
  • condensate receptacles
  • operating manual


  1. DIN EN ISO 6270-2 CH
  2. DIN 50958
  3. DIN 55991
  4. ISO 11503
  5. ASTM D2247
  6. BS 3900 Part F2
  7. DIN EN ISO 6270-2 AHT
  8. DIN EN ISO 6270-2 AT
  9. ASTM B117
  10. ISO 9227
  11. DIN EN ISO 9227 SS
  12. DIN EN ISO 9227 ESS
  13. DIN EN ISO 9227 CASS
  14. P-VW 1210

Technical specifications

Test 1

Condensation Water Tests

Test 2

Continuous Salt Spray Tests

Test 3

Varying Climatic Tests

Test 4

Dry Heat (optional)

Effective Volume

1000 l