Corrosion test chamber, salt spray tests, condensation tests, 1000 litre effective volume
Corrosion Testing Equipment

610e / 1000

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Corrosion Testing Equipment

610e / 1000

The CORROTHERM 610e/1000 is an extremely compact, space-saving corrosion tester with an all-plastic construction (polypropylene). It contains all the necessary equipment for carrying out the most common spray mist and condensation water tests according to the standards (DIN 50 021, DIN EN ISO 6270-2, DIN EN ISO 7253, ISO 11503, ASTM B 117, ASTM B 368 T "CASS TEST"). The volume of the cabinet is 1000 litres. The cabinet construction with a front door ensures simple operations and easy access to the testing area. The spray nozzle is located on the inside of the rear wall so that the entire test space can be used for loading samples.

Within the test chamber itself is the storage tank for up to 280 litres (1000 l Version) of spray solution. This enables the test apparatus to work over the weekend without supervision. The Corrosion Test Apparatus of the CORROTHERM 610e series is operated with a microcontroller and a four-lined LCD whereby all important parameters can be called up and entered. The display shows, amongst other things, the chamber temperature, the humidifier temperature and the spray pressure. As well as the pre-programmed test cycles (from the manufacturer) a total of up to 15 programmes can be stored. Optionally, via an interface, the data can be transferred to a built-in printer.

Purpose and application: Ferrous and non-ferrous metals are attacked continuously by humidity, acids, solutions, gases etc.. Therefore these materials require the necessary preparatory techniques and protective coatings. Over and above this, the increase in preparatory treatment demands and environment protection aspects lead to further system improvements of coating substances. The choice of the correct combination of material and the surface protection is therefore of decisive importance for the corrosion resistance of work pieces and assemblies. Corrosion tests are therefore still very essential for quick quality control and for the investigation of weak areas. In order to make these tests comparable, national and international standards have been drawn up for test conditions and duration.

Scope of delivery:

  • Corrosion Tester CORROTHERM 610e/1000
  • 3 specimen holders for weathering panels


  1. DIN EN ISO 6270-2 CH
  2. DIN 50958
  3. DIN 55991
  4. ISO 11503
  5. ASTM D2247
  6. BS 3900 Part F2
  7. DIN EN ISO 6270-2 AHT
  8. DIN EN ISO 6270-2 AT
  9. ASTM B117
  10. D171058
  11. ISO 9227
  12. DIN EN ISO 9227 SS
  13. DIN EN ISO 9227 ESS
  14. DIN EN ISO 9227 CASS
  15. P-VW 1210

Technical specifications

Test 1

Condensation test

Test 2

Salt spray (fog) tests

Test 3

Cyclic corrosion test

Effective Volume