Model 639 CORROCUTTER Counterweight
Model 639 CORROCUTTER front view
Sample Preparation Corrosion Model 639 CORROCUTTER
Model 639 CORROCUTTER Scratch
Model 639 CORROCUTTER side view
Model 639 CORROCUTTER Slide
Model 639 CORROCUTTER Scratching
Defined scratching damage on painted surfaces, replaceable scratching tool
Sample Preparation


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Sample Preparation


The CORROCUTTER 639 scratching tool is used to make defined and reproducible scratches on coatings of test sheets for corrosion tests. The most frequently used scratching tools with functionality according to Van Laar, Clemen and Sikkens principles are available for this. The CORROCUTTER 639 avoids the heavy strain on the user's fingers and wrists which can normally occur when scratching many test plates with scratching pins. The CORROCUTTER 639 scratching tool is a table-top unit. The slide carriage is equipped with a linear guide (slide bearing) and can be moved manually.

Scope of delivery:

  • Test tip acc. to van Laar
  • Relocatable supporting weight
  • Spirit level
  • Allen key SW 2


  1. DIN 53 167
  2. VDA 621-414
  3. VDA 621-415
  4. ECCA T8
  5. DIN ISO 4623

Technical specifications

Scratch profile

Van Laar, Clemen, Sikkens