weathering tester BANDOL WHEEL®H 532/II
weathering tester BANDOL WHEEL®H 532/II
Accelerated weathering device, for dry and wet weathering cycles, mercury vapour lamp
Weathering Tester

532 / II

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Weathering Tester

532 / II

The BANDOL WHEEL®H 532/II is the "wet/dry" version and is based on the conventional version of the device, with an additional immersion phase for the samples. For this purpose, a boiler was installed in the lower part of the test chamber. By regulating the fill-level of the solution liquid in this boiler, the ratio between dry and wet operations can be adjusted in a highly accurate, safe and reproducible manner. To complete the weathering cycle, an aperture can be installed in the device (for extending the lifespan of the lamp).

Purpose and application: The BANDOL WHEEL® System, together with the regulation of the temperature by a micro-controller, allows to obtain results that classical instrument can not achieve. The samples get a nominal UV radiation level corresponding to about “2 suns”. This permits an important acceleration in weathering that, at the same time, still correlates with natural weathering.

The average temperature homogeneity and radiation over each exposed sample are ensured by the rotation of the rack around the horizontal axis. This leads to optimal test reproducibility and reliability. An advantage is the exceptionally large exposition surface (more than 100 samples of 1 cm width) in relation to its size.

Bandol Wheel 532/II Accelerated Weathering principleBandol Wheel 532/II Accelerated Weathering principle 2

A mean pressure mercury lamp, whose bulb is enclosed in a borosilicate shell, was selected as the light source. The main advantages are: excellent efficiency of UV radiation (3 times more than Xenon lamps); negligible emission of UV C; balance UV A- UV B similar to the global radiation on the Earth surface; long lifetime and a very weak altering of the spectrum during the lifetime of the lamp.

Bandol Wheel 532/2 compared to sun accelerated weathering

Scope of delivery:

    • Rotating and non corrodible rack provided with 50 non-corrodible sample clips
    • Incorporated and optimised ventilation system
    • Temperature controlled and regulated by micro-processor
    • Test temperature displayed on the control panel
    • Temperature sensor (Pt100) fitted with a black HRC
    • Adjustable test temperature and proportion between « dry » and « wet » cycle
    • Light source: 400 W air cooled mercury discharge lamp
    • PLC with graphical control display
    • Security alarms controlled by the PLC
    • Quick ventilation of the samples when restarting the instrument after a power failure
    • Integrated pumping, draining and regulation system for the solution
    • Sophisticated control of the samples being tested with programming of their automatic stopping
    • Preventive maintenance operations displayed on the front panel of the PLC
    • Possibility to add a period without irradiation in the cycle
  • Mains cable
  • Instruction manual
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  1. EN 16472
  2. NF T 51-195-5
  3. ISO 4892-1

Technical specifications

Test 1

Accelerated weathering test

Source of Radiation

Mercury lamp

Wet / Dry

Dry and Wet

Portable / Stationary


Test Benches/ Test Trail

more than 100 samples of 1 cm width