Accelerated Weathering Instrument BANDOL WHEEL® 532 / I
Accelerated Weathering Instrument BANDOL WHEEL® 532 / I Sample
Accelerated weathering device, for dry weathering cycles, mercury vapour lamp
Weathering Tester

532 / I

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Weathering Tester

532 / I

BANDOL WHEEL® 532/I designed for "Dry"weathering cycles, has been developed for the simulation of purely dry climates, to reproduce the photo oxidation process without influence of water. To complete the weathering cycle, a mask can be added in the equipment which permits theintroduction of obscurity phases without switching off the light source (increase of thelamp lifetime).

Purpose and application: The BANDOL WHEEL® System, together with the regulation of the temperature by a micro-controller, allows to obtain results that classical instrument can not achieve. The samples get a nominal UV radiation level corresponding to about “2 suns”. This permits an important acceleration in weathering that, at the same time, still correlates with natural weathering.

Bandol Wheel 532/I compared to sun accelerated weathering

Scope of delivery:

    • Rotating and non corrodible rack provided with 50 non-corrodible sample clips
    • Incorporated and optimised ventilation system
    • Temperature controlled and regulated by micro-processor
    • Test temperature displayed on the control panel
    • Temperature sensor (Pt100) fitted with a black HRC
    • Adjustable test temperature
    • Light source: 400 W air cooled mercury discharge lamp
    • PLC with graphical control display
    • Security alarms controlled by the PLC
    • Quick ventilation of the samples when restarting the instrument after a power failure
    • Sophisticated control of the samples being tested with programming of their automatic stopping
    • Preventive maintenance operations displayed on the front panel of the PLC
  • Mains cable
  • Instruction manual
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  1. EN 16472
  2. NF T 51-195-5
  3. ISO 4892-1

Technical specifications

Test 1

Accelerated weathering test

Source of Radiation

Mercury lamp

Wet / Dry


Portable / Stationary


Test Benches/ Test Trail

more than 100 samples of 1 cm width