Accelerated weathering unit, lightfastness test, 3000 W, Xenon high-pressure lamp, electronic control, regulated humidity
Weathering Tester

522 / 3000e RH

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Weathering Tester

522 / 3000e RH

The SOLARBOX Model 522/3000e RH light exposure tester, is a modern light exposure and weathering instrument which simulates realistic conditions comparable to natural outdoor weathering. The samples to be tested are placed horizontally in the SOLARBOX and irradiated from above by a Xenon lamp. The spectral light distribution of natural sun radiation can be accurately adjusted from 300 to 800 nm by using a filter system. The irradiation intensity is about 1000 W/m². One of the SOLARBOX's special features is its capability to adapt the UV fraction of excitation light to the individual test pieces by exchanging the filters. This measure also alters the wave length at which radiation commences. In addition the SOLARBOX model 522/3000e is
equipped with state of art microprocessor electronics which provides the user with numerous possibilities for monitoring and controlling the test process. It ist also suitable for connection with a programmable flooding system. The version 'e RH' comes with additional control/monitoring of relative humidity in test chamber during the test.

Purpose and application: The effects of photochemical processes on solids, liquids and pastes can be systematically examined in the SOLARBOX under global radiation conditions. Because severe insolation and extreme hot-house conditions have a highly deteriorating effect on coatings, etc. natural exposure tests in the laboratory are an essential development stage of many products on their way to series production. Artificial solar radiation provides fast, reproducible results. Artificial solar radiation provides fast, reproducible results. Testing can be repeated as often as necessary and can be conducted in the laboratory, absolutely independent of the weather or season.

Fields of application: determining the light resisting properties of paints, bonding agents, pigments, plastics, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and many other products; testing colour fastness to light; testing the durability of the techno-mechanical properties of plastics; evaluating the gloss endurance and chalk resistance of paints; aging tests based on light exposure and cyclic wetting by way of the flooding system


  1. ISO 11 341
  2. ASTM D 5071
  3. UNI 9397

Technical specifications

Test 1

Accelerated weathering test

Source of Radiation


Outer dimensions (W x D x H)

890 x 390 x 400 mm

Exposure area (W x D) - Removable plate

420 x 200 mm

Output of Xenon lamp

2,5 kW

Number of specimen panels (15 x 30 mm)

approx. 180

Integrated tank for humidity (litres)