Model 844/II
Compact force measuring gauge, 4 kN
Hydraulic Load Cell

Model 844/II - 4 kN

Order number: 02271031
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Hydraulic Load Cell

Model 844/II - 4 kN

ERICHSEN's force measuring instruments enable you to measure the occurring forces in a simple and cost-effective manner. The operating method is based on the hydraulic transmission of forces acting on the piston of the force transducer. This hydraulic pressure is displayed directly on a Newton-scaled display instrument. Hydraulic force gauges are preferably for static usage. The force rise time (relative to nominal load) should therefore not be less than one second, since rapid load changes could damage the display instrument. Blows associated with changing forces can be damped, however, using the appropriate throttles. All force gauges are made of stainless steel.

Technical specifications

Testing Force

4 kN

Effective Direction


Measured Value 1


Measuring Principle