Bulge-/FLC-Tester Model 161
Bulge-/FLC-Tester Model 161
Bulge-/FLC-Tester Modell 161 Oil filling
Bulge-/FLC-Tester Modell 161 Front panel
Bulge/FLC tester, bulge and FLC tests, up to 1000 kN tensile force
Special Testing

Bulge-/FLC-Tester Model 161

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Special Testing

Bulge-/FLC-Tester Model 161

The Model 161 bulge/FLC tester is an electro-hydraulic testing machine that is used to carry out hydraulic cupping tests on all ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Samples up to 400 x 650 mm in size can be tested. In addition to the actual hydraulic forming, its construction also enables it to be used with ball stamps (FLC) of any diameter from 100 to 199 mm.

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  1. ISO 12004
  2. ISO 16808

Technical specifications

Drawing Force

1000 kN

Drawing Speed

200 mm/min



Test 1


Test 2