Model 145/146
Universal sheet metal testing machine, Erichsen cupping and deep-draw testing and FLC, up to 1000 kN tensile force
Universal-Sheet Metal Testing Machine


Order number: 02620231
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Universal-Sheet Metal Testing Machine


This sheet metal testing machine enables you to execute all of the important modern deep-draw testing procedures on ferrous and non-ferrous metals in a quick, simple and precise manner. It can also execute many technical tests, such as the ERICHSEN cupping test and the ERICHSEN deep-draw cup test, on sheets and strips. Relevant features: Square tensile test (40 x 40 mm or 70 x 70 mm), deep-draw expansion test (ISO 16630), determination of deformation curves (FLC), LDH test, deep-draw test with blank holder quick release (for tip test), deep-draw test selectable drawing stamp travel distance, deep-draw test with warm drawing device up to 550 °C/700 °C, bulge test according to ISO 16808, ERICHSEN deep-draw test on painted sheets according to DIN ISO 1520, stamping-paint and coil-coating deep-draw cup tests. Special tests available on request.


  1. DIN EN 1669
  2. ISO 11 531
  3. JIS Z 2249
  4. GB/T 15825
  5. ISO12004
  6. ISO 16808

Technical specifications

Drawing Force

1000 kN

Drawing Speed

3000 mm/min



Test 1

Deep Draw Test

Test 2

Hole Expansion

Test 3


Test 4