Cross Hatch Cutting and Adhesion Testing
Automatic cross-cutting tool, scratch test for automotive plastics, writing effect for automotive plastics
Cross Hatch Cutting and Adhesion Testing

430 P-I

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Cross Hatch Cutting and Adhesion Testing

430 P-I

The electromotive scratch hardness tester SCRATCH HARDNESS TESTER 430 P is an all-purpose tester for the scratching and cutting jobs of all kinds on paint coats and plastic surfaces. Individual cuts, parallel cuts and (after rotating the sample 90°) also cross-hatch cuts can all be made onto test plates of different thicknesses. The scratch hardness tester 430 P is specially designed for adhesion tests (using the cross-hatch method, according to all common standards) and for special plastic tests according to Opel (scratch resistance and writing effect). There are many adjustment options on the basic unit as well as a wide range of testing tools available for this and further tests. The scratch hardness tester 430 P results in a significant reduction in workload when you are carrying out series tests. The test results are reproducible and meaningful.


  1. GME 60280 GM / Opel
  2. GMW 14688 GM / Opel
  3. PV 3952 VW / Audi
  4. PV 3974 VW / Audi
  5. PV 3962 VW / Audi
  6. D45 1047 Renault
  7. MS210-05K Hyundai / Kia
  8. STD 4377 Volvo
  9. ISO 2409 Common

Technical specifications



Scratch profile

Van Laar, Bosch, ISO, Clemen, etc.

Testing Force

1-50 N

Portable / Stationary