Impact Tester Model 305 according to Wegner
Impact tester according to ISO 4532/4586, 5 mm diameter ball, up to 90 N, with support device* according to DIN 53 799
Impact Testing

Model 305/II

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Impact Testing

Model 305/II

The Model 305 impact tester (for the Wegner method) is an indispensable helper when inspecting enamel in accordance with DIN 51 155. This practical and handy tester can fit in any briefcase. It saves you time because there is no complex disassembly and transport required. It can be used for testing outside the laboratory or the company. Thus, objects can be inspected at the site and position where they are located and actually in use. Certain parts of the enamel surfaces can, therefore, be reached for the inspection. Otherwise, they could not be tested with large cumbersome testing devices.


  1. ISO 4532
  2. DIN ISO 4532
  3. (DIN 51 155)
  4. ISO 4586 - T 2
  5. EN 438 - T 2

Technical specifications



Testing Force

0-90 N