Non-destructive coating thickness measurement, steel (F) up to 2.6 mm/non-ferrous metal up to 1.3 mm, wireless sensor, app for smartphone and tablet
Coating Thickness Gauge (Digital)

SmarTest FN 2.6

Order number: 05260251
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Coating Thickness Gauge (Digital)

SmarTest FN 2.6

SIDSP® sensors: now also in a wireless version. Easy-to-use apps turn smartphones and tablets into powerful evaluation and communication devices. The new SmarTest strategy features an app and wireless sensor to provide you with the perfect solution for measuring coating thickness using a smartphone or tablet. The SmarTest version of the SIDSP® sensors for coating thickness measurements combines outstanding measurement accuracy and interference immunity with the advantages of modern wireless technology. Digitally generated measurement data from the sensor are transmitted via Bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet. The SmarTest app acts as an evaluation device and thus replaces the conventional coating thickness gauge.


  1. DIN EN ISO 1461
  2. DIN EN ISO 2064
  3. DIN EN ISO 2178
  4. DIN EN ISO 2360
  5. DIN EN ISO 2808
  6. DIN EN ISO 3882
  7. ASTM B 244
  8. ASTM B 499
  9. ASTM D7091
  10. ASTM E 376

Technical specifications

Layer Thickness

up to 2600 µm



Wet / Dry



F / NE