Non-destructive coating thickness measurement on steel (F), measuring sensors up to 5000 µm (F) (internal sensor)
Coating Thickness Gauge (Digital)

MiniTest 725-F5

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Coating Thickness Gauge (Digital)

MiniTest 725-F5

The coating thickness gauges in the MiniTest series enable non-destructive measurements to be made of the coating thickness of non-magnetic layers (paint, plastic, chrome and other galvanic, non-magnetic layers) on ferromagnetic substrates (steel/iron), insulating layers (paint, enamel, plastic, anodised aluminium), and on conductive substrates (aluminium, copper, titanium, austenitic stainless steel). They cover many measurement ranges.


  1. DIN EN ISO 1461
  2. DIN EN ISO 2064
  3. DIN EN ISO 2178
  4. DIN EN ISO 2360
  5. DIN EN ISO 2808
  6. DIN EN ISO 3882
  7. DIN EN ISO 19840
  8. ASTM B 244
  9. ASTM B 499
  10. ASTM D7091
  11. ASTM E 376
  12. ASTM AS 3894.3

Technical specifications

Layer Thickness

up to 5000 µm



Wet / Dry