Coating Thickness Measurement (Manuel)
Mech./opt. Coating thickness measurement, wedge cutting, drilling, up to 2000 μm, visual and automatic evaluations
Coating Thickness Measurement (Manuel)

518 USB

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Coating Thickness Measurement (Manuel)

518 USB

The PAINT BORER 518 USB operates with the standardized wedge-cut method, in which the sample is drilled at a defined angle. The image is captured directly at the object using the high-resolution digital microscope (50x magnification) with integrated lighting (8x white LED, adjustable), equipped with a 2 million pixel CMOS image sensor and scalable precision measurement. To connect to a PC/laptop/WINDOWS tablet, the new Paint Borer 518 USB offers a convenient option to digitally support the visual recognition, acquisition, measurement and documentation. Software is included. The MC version does not have an external connection option (for PC, laptop, etc.).


  1. DIN 50 986
  2. ISO 2808
  3. ASTM D 4138
  4. ASTM D 5796