Film Application
Micro-controller controlled film applicator, freely adjustable film application speeds, adjustable application lengths
Film Application

510 XL

Order number: 17800131
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Film Application

510 XL

An electromotive film applicator device is best used when the film thickness must be absolutely uniform across the entire surface. This enables a reliable statement about the relation of wet to dry film thickness, and the production of a larger number of exactly similar patterns. The automatic application process eliminates irregularities and inaccuracies that are inevitable when the film is applied manually. The film applicator and drying time recorder COATMASTER 510 is a compact combined film applicator and tester with membrane keyboard. The parallel drying test enables an objective comparisons of drying properties across different coating materials.

Technical specifications




up to 230 mm

Gap Height/ Coat Thickness

Drawn Down Speed

0,1-100 mm/s

Application Length

up to 800 mm


Paper, Foil, Glass, stiff, flexible

Drying Times

0,1 - 19,9 / 20 - 108 min/cm

Portable / Stationary


Test Benches/ Test Trail

up to 7