Basic version, Micro-controller controlled film applicator, freely adjustable film application speeds, adjustable application lengths, with glass plate
Film Application


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Film Application


The Film Applicators Model 510 Basic-G are compact testing instruments equipped with a foil keyboard.The use of appropriate accessories means that they can be used as high-precision film applicators. The microprocessor-controlled, precisely graded step motor drive engineering guarantees an extremely uniform accomplishment as well as an excellent repeatability of all processes set.

  • Variable application path up to approx. 400 mm.
  • Individually programmable start position
  • Freely selectable drawn down speed in therange of 10 - 100 mm/s
  • Automatic quick return by key press
  • Film applicator symmetrically working in both directions

Purpose and Application: A motorised film applicator is used in cases where a surface has to be covered with an absolutely uniform film, reliable information is needed on the relationship between the wet and the dry film thickness, a large number of exactly identical samples has to be produced.All kinds of inevitable inaccuracies when applying films manually, are avoided by using the automatic drawing method. Typical users are the lacquer and paint industry, especially for the research / development / quality control of many different products. Generally universities / academies as well as institutes studying high sensitive facts within the scope of their research and development projects requiring an optimally controlled film application, i.e. in the research of solar cells, fuel cells and accumulators as well as in the medical technology and research.

Scope of delivery:

  • Film Applicator COATMASTER 510 Basic-G
  • plate glass pane
  • attachment assembly for doctor blade
  • wide-range power supply unit 100 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz

Technical specifications




up to 230 mm

Drawn Down Speed

0,1-100 mm/s

Application Length

up to 400 mm


Paper, Foil, Glass, stiff, flexible

Portable / Stationary


Test Benches/ Test Trail

up to 7