Film applicator K 101, pneumatic drive, as single device
Film Application


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Film Application


The K Control Coater can be used anywhere when very accurate and reproducible samples (such as for printing inks and other surface coatings) are required quickly and with a defined and uniform application thickness. These can be used for quality control, for R&D, for presentation purposes or to create basic data for colour formulations. Since several coatings can be applied in one operation, such samples are also well suited for comparison purposes. The basic unit is available in three different versions, with a 220/240 V or 110/120 V electrical drive, or with pneumatic drive, and in three different sizes.

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Technical specifications


Compressed air


170 mm

Gap Height/ Coat Thickness

4-500 µm

Drawn Down Speed

2- 15 m/min

Application Length

up to 250 mm


Paper, Foil