Film applicator, infinitely adjustable up to 1000 μm, width: 80 mm
Manual Film Application

MULTICATOR 411-80 mm

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Manual Film Application

MULTICATOR 411-80 mm

It is often necessary to paint test panels with a specific, exact dry film thickness. For these reasons, you must approach the theoretical wet film thickness at this nominal (target) value. You could, of course, use a series of doctor blades with different gap heights. However, it is easier and more affordable to work with a film applicator with an adjustable gap height. The infinitely adjustable film applicator Model 411 enables you to apply theoretical wet film thicknesses from 1 – 1000 μm. The two limiting springs form the reservoir, and the desired gap height is set using the micrometer screw. This device is corrosion resistant.

Technical specifications


80 mm

Gap Height/ Coat Thickness

1-1000 µm

Number of application gaps