Model 200
Lacquer and Paint Testing Machine Model 200
Lacquer and Paint Testing Machine Model 200 Side
Paint testing machine, Erichsen cupping, up to 1.5 at 400 N/mm2
Lacquer and Paint Testing Machine

Model 200

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Lacquer and Paint Testing Machine

Model 200

The Lacquer and Paint Testing Machine, Model 200, is a bench-mounted unit with a cast iron machine body and a cylindrical test head.

Model 200 is used for the ERICHSEN CUPPING TEST in accordance with DIN ISO 1520, ISO 1520, BS 3900 : Part E4, NF T 30-019 und SIS 18 41 77 on coated sheet metal, with a tensile strength of 400 N/mm², up to 1.25 mm thick and from 70 - 90 mm wide.

The painted or otherwise coated sheet metal specimen is drawn into a die using a spherical nose punch, thus stretching the material until the coating cracks or peels off. The depth to which the material has been drawn by the punch when the coating fails is the measure of the quality of the paint or coating material and relates to the elongation and adhesive properties. This simple hand operated Testing Machine is particularly suitable for quality control on lacquers, paints, plastic coatings and enamels in smaller establishments.

Scope of delivery:

  • Lacquer and paint testing machine, model 200
  • Testing tool according to DIN EN ISO 1520, in precision design
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  1. DIN EN ISO 1520
  2. DIN EN 13523-6

Technical specifications

Drawing Force

30 kN

Drawing Speed




Test 1

Erichsen cupping

Portable / Stationary