Colour Matching Cabinet MATCHMASTER 425
Light booth, colour comparison, metamerism, 5 types of light, including D65, A, TL84, TL83 and UV


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The colour matching cabinets 425 MC and 425 MC II meet the requirements for a measuring equipment monitoring system, since the operating hours of the lamps can be displayed. All systems that we offer meet the requirements of the ASTM D 1729 standard (including CIE publication 51) for light quality and intensity, lighting and viewing symmetry, environmental conditions and uniformity. The MATCHMASTER 425 MC II comes standard with a calibration certificate (for light quality). A specially certified set of bulbs can also be delivered with this system. For the MATCHMASTER 425 III and 425 IV, a test certificate (for light quality) will be issued upon delivery.


  1. DIN 53 218
  2. DIN 6173
  3. ISO 3668
  4. ASTM D 1729
  5. BS 3900:D1