Hardness Test Pencil Model 318
Scratch resistance of surfaces, test probe according to Clemen, 3 force ranges, up to 20 N
Scratch Hardness Testing

Model 318 C

Order number: 03140131
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Scratch Hardness Testing

Model 318 C

The Models 318/318S/318 C are used to measure the hardness of surface protective layers. The hardness grades of paints, plastic coatings, etc. are measured with these testers. Whether the surface is flat or curved, small or large, these small-sized testers are always ready to use and easy to transport. Anyone who is responsible for quality assurance will appreciate this advantage. The proper curing and constant hardness of the surface protection layer enable a smooth production process. Deviations result in rejects, production delays and complaints. Developed by Robert Bosch GmbH in Stuttgart and manufactured by ERICHSEN, these devices enable quick and easy quality control of surface protection layers – even during production.


  1. Clemen

Technical specifications



Scratch profile


Testing Force

0-20 N

Portable / Stationary