TABER Abrasion
TABER rotary abraser for abrasion testing, the only device available worldwide
TABER Abrasion

TABER® ABRASER 352 G - Typ 5135

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TABER Abrasion

TABER® ABRASER 352 G - Typ 5135

Resistance to abrasion is one of the most important mechanical properties of a surface. Testing with the TABER® ABRASER is the most common and widely used method for determining abrasion resistance. Many national and international standards explicitly refer to this testing device. With the original TABER® ABRASER, abrasion tests can be carried out on paints and other coatings (such as rubber, paper, leather, ceramics, textile fabrics and metals). It is used in research and development as well as for production and quality control.


  1. EN 13329
  2. NEMA LD 3-2000
  3. EN 438-2
  4. ISO 4586-2
  5. NALFA LF-01

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