compressed air driven roller press-on instrument, chrome anilox rollers, many different engravings available
Roller Application Unit (Automatic)

AUTOMATIK-K-LOX-ROLLER 622 (pneumatic drive)

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Roller Application Unit (Automatic)

AUTOMATIK-K-LOX-ROLLER 622 (pneumatic drive)

An ideal instrument for applying defined layers of liquid media (e.g. as flexographic inks) onto absorbent or non-absorbent substrates for manufacturing repeatable sample presses that comes very close to conventional flexographic printing. The application conditions are determined using either the engraved anilox rollers or the wire-wound rollers. The AUTOMATIK K-LOX Roller 622 consists of an electric motor-driven or pneumatically-driven basic unit (the K 101) and the K-Lox attachment. It ensures a constant pulling speed (up to 15 m/min), uniform contact pressure and a very high level of repeatability.

Technical specifications


Compressed air


90 mm

Drawn Down Speed

up to 15 m/min


Paper, Foil