Manual roller press-on instrument, chrome anilox rollers, with doctor blade and micrometer
Roller Application Unit (Manuel)

ESIPROOF 627 (QCH-engraved and chrome anilox roller)

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Roller Application Unit (Manuel)

ESIPROOF 627 (QCH-engraved and chrome anilox roller)

The ESIPROOF Model 627 gravure-print/Flexographic laboratory instrument is a portable, hand-operated instrument designed to quickly and economically carry out half-tone printing proofs using Flexographic of gravure inks. Other low-viscosity media can be applied with this laboratory instrument using a gravure or indirect gravure printing technique. In the gravure test, the substrate passes through the gap between the two rollers. This handy laboratory instrument delivers the following advantages: excellent repeatability, laser-engraved anilox rollers (e.g. with bar code version), the engraved roller's pressure is adjustable using micrometer screws, easy to handle, easy to clean, etc.

Technical specifications




70 mm


Paper, Foil, cartonboard