Roller applicator especially for flexo inks, with working surface approx. 115 mm, complete system, consisting of: Mounting frame incl. 2 weights, two rubber rollers and three QCH-engraved anilox rollers (ref. no. 10, 12, 14) as well as a roller stand with cleaning container
Roller Application Unit (Manuel)

Model 621 complete system

Order number: 06210151
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Roller Application Unit (Manuel)

Model 621 complete system

An ideal instrument for applying defined layers of liquid media (e.g. as flexographic inks) onto absorbent or non-absorbent substrates for manufacturing repeatable sample presses that comes very close to conventional flexographic printing. The application conditions are determined using either the engraved anilox rollers or wire-wound rollers. The K-LOX-ROLLER is an important tool in both printer ink manufacturing and during ink processing, it is particularly well suited for use in quality control, presentation prototypes, R&D, and computer-assisted colour formulations.

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Technical specifications




90 mm


Paper, Foil, cartonboard