Gradient Oven Model 432
For evaluating drying and baking behaviours, testing chemical resistance, up to 250 °C
Drying Tester

Model 432/I

Order number: 03030131
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Drying Tester

Model 432/I

The Model 432 gradient oven is used to evaluate the baking and drying behaviour of paint and powder coatings, resins, plastics, and similar materials. It can simulate a production process by programming the warm-up rate, burn-in temperature, and time intervals. It allows predictions of how a particular paint reacts to a particular material at different temperatures. The excellent repeatability of the measurements allows a remarkably accurate determination of the actual limit values. Depending on the type of oven, coatings can be tested up to a temperature of 320 °C. If the lacquers are applied with a double doctor blade, two different lacquers can be tested simultaneously on one test sheet.

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