Model 475
Density ball, 100 cm³ volume, with conformity assessment
Density Ball

Model 475/I

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Density Ball

Model 475/I

The Model 475 density ball is used to quickly and easily determine the density of paints, coatings and other (non-paste) liquids. The Model 475 density ball consists of a spherical immersion body (stainless steel, material No. 1.4305) and a holding rod with a taper. The following versions are available: Model 475/I, with a volume of 100 ml ± 0.1%, (at 20 ° C), Model 475/II, similar but with conformity assessment and test certificate, Model 475/III, with a volume of 10 ml ± 0.1% (at 20 ° C), Model 475/IV similar to Model 475/III but with conformity assessment and test certificate.


  1. DIN 53 217 Teil 2
  2. VDA 621-113
  3. ISO 2811 Teil 2

Technical specifications




10 / 100 cm3