Model 343
Dip-flow cup made of aluminium, according to ASTM D 4212, nozzles # 1 – 5
Flow Cup

Model 343

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Flow Cup

Model 343

Dip-flow cups are used to quickly determine the viscosity of liquid materials of all kinds (such as paints, wet enamels, gravure and leather colours, oils, fats, foods, etc.). Practitioners appreciate their real-world advantages. The time in which a measured amount (100 cc) flows through a nozzle with a fixed diameter from a cup is used as a measure of the viscosity of a substance. This flow time is determined with a stop watch. Serrated dip-flow cup, according to ASTM D 4212.


  1. ASTM D 4212

Technical specifications



Viscosity Range

5-1800 mm2/s