Model 419
Flow test blade and sag tester a) according to DIN 55677 or b) ASTM D 2801 and ASTM D 4400

Model 419-ASTM

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Model 419-ASTM

Using a film-applicator frame made of stainless steel, the parallel wet film strips are applied to a substrate at different gap heights. The drainage slope is determined visually when the sample is in a vertical position, and the tendency to flow when the sample is horizontal after curing. Gaps are ground into two of the applicator edges of the film-applicator frame. 1. The applicator edge for the flow test has 5 pairs of gaps. The gap widths, distances within a double gap, and the distance between the gap pairs are defined and do not vary. The gap heights vary in the range of 250 microns to 4 mm, graduated in doubled steps, 2. The applicator edge for the drainage test has 10 gaps of increasing height. They range from 75 μm to 300 μm, graduated in 25 μm increments.


  1. ASTM D 2801
  2. ASTM D 4400

Technical specifications


115 mm

Gap Height/ Coat Thickness

75 µm -1.3 mm