DAkkS Calibration

DAkkS Calibration mass

From now on, ERICHSEN can perform DAkkS calibrations according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 for many test devices in the areas of "Mechanical measurands" (mass / pressure) and "Dimensional measurands" (length).

DAkkS certificate

This offers our customers the opportunity to purchase many of our test devices with a DAkkS calibration certificate or to have existing devices recalibrated.

Certifications are possible for:

  • Film applicators models 284/286/288/360/411/421

    Film applicators model 360

  • Flow test blade and sag tester model 419
    Flow test blade and sag tester model 419
  • Pendulum for the model 299/300
    Pendulum Damping Tester Model 299/300
  • Mass of the drop weights for model 304
    Impact tester model 304
  • Weight sets for model 430 and 352
  • Weight sets for dry testers 415 / 416
    Drying Tester Model 415
  • Pressure sensors for model 508
    Stone hammer blow test instrument MULTI GRIT TESTER 508
  • Pressure transducer for example for model 906
    Force measuring system PHYSIMETER® 906 USB