Analysis System QUANTIZ®

Analysis System QUANTIZ® - Automatic evaluation and documentation of various corrosion samples.

The Analysis System QUANTIZ® is a combination of hardware and software, especially for the automatic evaluation and documentation of various corrosion samples.

Analysis System QUANTIZ®

QUANTIZ® provides an automatic evaluation and documentation of various corrosion samples. The specially designed lighting technology enables the analysis on different contrast levels and allows specifically for filiform corrosion samples to evaluate them without manual removal of the affected paint coats. The evaluation can be adjusted by the user in a simple manner to the requirements of the test. Possible evaluations: scribe delamination, edge corrosion and corrosion on the surface. The results are available together with the images in a Excel format.

Compared to sheer software for image-processing, as so many available, and their necessity of additional hardware, it provides many advantages:

  • Hardware-control completely integrated into software (no switching between different tools);
  • Images become inserted into software automatically (no necessity of inconventient image-import into software);
  • Hardware is delivered fully calibrated, so that no calibration is more required by the user (pixel/mm, geometric-distortion);
  • Hardware is compact compared to repro-units (advantageous in case of limited space);
  • Image acquisition:
    • Setting may be saved for reproduction(reproducible, well defined settings)
    • Analysis-results stored together with images(completing the documentation on analysis-procedure);
  • Hardware provides bright-field-illuminaton allowing for non-destructive analysis of Filiform-corrosion, bubbling (infiltration) and extra sensitive detection of white-rust on zinc;