ERICHSEN SmartPen - The new generation of mobile scratch hardness testing

The new generation of mobile scratch hardness testing allows digital, precise and repeatable adjustment of the test force.

The ERICHSEN SmartPen is used to determine the scratch resistance of surfaces; depending on the used module, it can be used to determine the resistance to scratching, the tendency towards metal markingand the durability of printed markings.

Scratch hardness tester ERICHSEN SmartPen

For the hardness measurement of surfaces, there are our since many years well-proven hardness test pencils, models 318 and 318 S as well as models 435 and 435 S,already well established across the branches. With these test devices, the degrees of hardness of paint films, plastic coatings, etc. can be determined, named, documented and communicated in numerical values. No matter whether on a flat or curved surface, small or large, the instrument is always ready for use and, because of it’s small size, easy transportable.With the ERICHSEN SmartPen, a modular hardness test pencil with digital test force setting and display (resolution 0.05 N) is now available.

Scratch hardness testing ERICHSEN SmartPen