"Шариковый пуансон с подсветкой" для обнаружения трещин на листовых металлах толщиной до 0,2 мм

"Шариковый пуансон с подсветкой" для современного обнаружения трещин при испытании на обжим по Эрихсену на металлических листах и металлических пленках толщиной до 0,2 мм.
ERICHSEN model 111 with ERICHSEN cupping test tool "illuminated ball punch" (set) and laptop (variations possible)

ERICHSEN cupping test tool "illuminated ball punch"

The ERICHSEN cupping test tool "illuminated ball punch" revolutionises crack detection on sheet metal and metallic foils up to a thickness of 0.2 mm and represents a significant breakthrough in sheet metal testing, especially in the course of the Erichsen cupping test.

Cupping test tool "illuminated ball punch" – Test setup / camera holder

Features of the illuminated ball punch

  • High-quality material: The ball punch is made of transparent aluminium oxide-based ceramic, which is known for its robustness and durability.
  • Lighting-based crack detection: Integrated lighting allows precise and comparable detection of cracks during the cupping process on thin metal sheets and metal foils with a thickness under 0.2 mm.
  • Camera with magnetic holder: A specially developed software enables the smallest cracks to be precisely detected and documented using an industrial camera.
  • Contactless on/off switch: The included magnetic stylus enables convenient and safe operation of the test system. (Switching the "illuminated ball punch" cupping test tool on/off when installed)
  • Compatibility with ERICHSEN sheet metal testing machines: The system is compatible with models 102 and 111 as well as other ERICHSEN sheet metal testing machines. (For a possible retrofit of your ERICHSEN sheet metal testing machine, please inquire directly by e-mail or via our contact form).

Built-in depth testing tool "illuminated ball punch" – Mounting bracket
Prices and availability

The "illuminated ball punch" cupping test tool is available in various sets that contain all the components required for the corresponding sheet metal testing machines - illuminated ball punch Ø 20 mm, camera, magnetic stylus, mounting clamp, charging station and a PC with evaluation software, monitor, keyboard and mouse. Please inquire about prices by e-mail, directly via our website using the watch list function or via our contact form. (The links below will take you directly to the corresponding product pages)

Built-in depth testing tool "illuminated ball punch" – Magnetic switch (switch on/off)

Innovative application in the industry

ERICHSEN and its illuminated ball punch are setting new standards in sheet metal testing. The simple handling, coupled with precise crack detection, makes this tool an essential component for quality assurance in the field of metal processing. Companies that want to rely on the most advanced technology in sheet metal testing of thin sheets and metallic foils will find an excellent solution in the "illuminated ball punch" cupping test tool made by ERICHSEN.

For further information and inquiries, please visit the corresponding pages on our website or contact our customer service.

Ball punch and charging station with charging status display, magnetic switch (switching the test tool on/off), mounting clamp

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