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Technical Articles/Lectures

Sheet Metal Testing

Universal Sheet Metal Testing Machines
The traditional tests e.g. the Cupping Test and the Deep-Drawing Cup Test, are now as before indispensable to the preparation of forming processes. However, they areincreasingly supplemented by alternative methods. New materials and their combinations as used for the construction of vehicles, always require the choice of the most suitable test method. Today up-to-date test facilities very often work with optical image analysis and laser measuring technique.

Surface Testing

How accurate is the scratch hardness test
The pencil scratch test is a quick and simple method of determining the hardness of a surface. However, the procedure does not give very precise results and more accurate options are available which provide reproducible measurements.
New Developments - Scratch Testing
ERICHSEN development has been continuous for almost 100 years: their test and measuring instruments have played a pivotal part in the development of modern coating materials. We are in the age of quality Certification in industry: Even as recently as 20 years ago many users still considered it to be adequate just to assess significant properties on the basis of simple judgement based on experiences, but today overwhelmingly this kind of judgement is no longer acceptable and measurement based quality assurance is the rule.
Paint and the environment
Until the present generation of paint chemists got involved, paints made the environment look better and protected products – but, perversely, were often environmentally harmful primarily because of the solvents that were used.
Quality assurance
QUALITY ASSURANCE → The most effective protection against “surprises” that nobody likes!
The nature of scratching – Basics as well as possibilities in practice

Corrosion Testing

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