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Coating thickness measurement - non-contact and non-destructive

LayerScan 590, coating thickness measurement non-contact and non-destructive
 Coating thickness measurement - non-contact and non-destructive

LayerScan 590




Coating Thickness Gauge
LayerScan 590

The LayerScan 590 measurement system is used for quality and process control in the powder coating, paint and thermal spray industries. A great benefit ist the possibility to measure coating thickness early in their process, even on parts coated with uncured powder coating or wet paint.

The LayerScan 590 measures thicknesses from 1 μm to 1 mm by non-contact and nondestructive method, immediately after the application. Regardless of the color of the coating or of the shape and material of the substrate, the device will provide accurate test results. It works on the principle of the thermal coating resistance.

Coating thickness measurement non-contact and non-destructive –  measuring distance of 5 – 50 cm, by use of most advanced thermal optics (ATO) and digital signal processing (DSP) techniques.




Test Principle
Powerful, versatile and easy-to-use, the LayerScan provides a practical solution to improve part quality as well as simultaneously the efficiency in successively tob e optimized coating processing. Proprietary technology for the non-destructive, non-contact measurement of coating properties uses the most advanced thermal optics (ATO) and digital signal processing (DSP) techniques. The proprietary algorithms analyze the dynamic surface temperature progression – determining coating thickness and other properties, quantitatively and repeatably. The LayerScan 590 advanced thermal optics allow you to measure the coating thickness of parts in a non-destructive and non-contact manner – from a distance of 5 - 50 cm away. As a result, you can inspect a wide range of parts, of different shapes and sizes, in almost any production environment.

Inspect coatings on the widest range of
substrates: metal, wood, ceramics, plastic,
CFRP, glass, etc.

Measure the thickness of all colors of coatings – accurately and rapidly. with a choice of three, quick and easy calibration options: no calibration,
pre-calibration, one-step calibration

During the thermal coating measurement a computer-controlled, pulsed flash lamp surrounding the LayerScan lens, warms the coating to be examined. A specialized infra-red detector in the lens monitors remotely the resulting surface temperature progression. The surface temperature decays with characteristic dynamics that depend on the thickness of the coating and the thermal properties of the substrate material. The thinner the coating is (given that it has a lower thermal conductivity than the substrate), the faster the surface temperature decreases. The temperature behaviour over time provides information about the thickness of the coating. Coating parameters such as layer thickness, but also the porosity of the thermal coating resistance, the thermal conductivity and the thermal diffusivity can be determined quickly and reproducibly.



Inspection of complex shaped parts – even on curved surfaces on the inner sides and corners and edges.

Inspect a precise spot
Furthermore, you can adjust the size of the inspection area depending on the part geometry, your quality criteria and process requirements. So you can measure the coating thickness exactly where you want on the part, in a precise spot of 2 - 4 mm².





Check parts early in process – also suitable for wet paint uncured powder coating

Inspect during procedure
The versatile LayerScan is designed for both Off-line and In-line measurements of coating properties. With its powerful features, the instrument is equally at home in your quality control lab as in your factory coating line.