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Colour Comparison Cabinet, Colour Matching Cabinet, Color Measurement Device, Color and Gloss Unit

Colour assessment is a very individual matter and varies widely. It is neither possible to memorise colour impressions completely nor to communicate the assessment in words. Modern methods of colour measurement which are independent of the user permit accurate identification of colour data for control, comparison, specification and other purposes. Since colour impressions are influenced by gloss properties simultaneous gloss measurement is advisable.


Product Examples:

Colour and Gloss Unit SPECTROMASTER 565


The overall appearance of a product is influenced by color and gloss. A sample of the same color but higher gloss level is visually perceived darker and more saturated than a low gloss sample. In order to get a uniform appearance, both attributes need to be controlled. The Spectrometers of the very most other suppliers are only able to measure the color value. In comparison with this, the SPEKTROMASTER 565 is able to measure color and gloss both simultaneously! Thus, the cause of a mismatch can be clearly defined in any situation.

Colour Comparison Cabinet MATCHMASTER 425 MC


Particularly designed for manufacturers and users of coating materials, and for those frequently assessing colours and surfaces visually. Because an objective visual colour comparison can only be made under constant and defined conditions, four compact colour matching systems with several light sources are available for inspection and evaluation of colour samples like e. g. inks, colours, plastics, textiles, paper, colorants and other coloured materials; ideal for cosmetics, coatings, printing and packaging, advertising and graphic design, interior and fashion design.