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Film application

For testing/evaluation of a coating material a defined application is imperative. Only in this way the quality-related properties required can be tested in compliance with the equirements, compared, documented and, if necessary, communicated. For the application requirements tailored to suit the needs of the customers various methods/procedures are available.

Every test on surface coating materials requires specimen panels on which the coating film has been applied evenly in a defined thickness. The most important and commonest method of producing such panels is the film applicator with applicator blade or spiral, which is drawn across the panel by hand or electric motor drive. ERICHSEN Film Applicators are designed to be convenient and easy to use and to clean.

Product Examples:

Film Applicator and Drying Time Recorder COATMASTER 510

The Film Applicator and Drying Time Recorder COATMASTER 510, enhanced successor of the worldwide established COATMASTER 509 MC, is a compact combined film application and testing instrument equipped with a foil keyboard, and performing two basic functions if the appropriate accessories are selected:

  • the use as a high-precision film applicator,
  • the determination of the degree of dryness in accordance with DIN 53 150 and the performance of comparative drying tests.

Quadruple Film Applicator, Model 360

These models are supplied with the blade at a fixed gap height, selected from a range between 15 and 2000 μm.
Model 360 is provided with 4 working edges so that in this way several theoretical film thicknesses can be applied with a single instrument. These models are corrosion resisting.

Test Panel Spraying Applicator AUTOSPRAY 481, Type APL 1.2

This modern and inexpensive spray applicator for test panels has been designed for reproducible application of coating substances onto various substrates. It is easy to operate and can also be used in hazardous areas. The control unit of the AUTOSPRAY allows not only the use of fixed programmed spraying parameters such as step sizes,horizontal stroke speeds, number of spraying strokes and ventilation time, but also permits to adapt to practically all conceivable requirements of coating technology by altering the settings. The AUTOSPRAY 481 is pre-fitted to enable the use of one or two automatic flow cup spray guns. Optionally a material conveyor unit as well as a "cross-path" programme can be supplied.