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Film thickness

Thickness measurement of all coatings on any substrate, Measurement of individual layers of a multi-layer coating, dry film thickness measuring, wet film thicjness measuring, ultra sonic thickness measuring, magnetic induction principle as well as the eddy-current method, single or multiple layers or electroplated deposits

Properties of coating materials are generally specified on the basis of the coating thickness applied for the assessment. Thinner coatings often prevent full utilisation of the properties of which the coating is capable. Coatings that are too thick mean at the very least a waste of money and it may have a negative influence on the quality of the coating. Measuring the coating thickness helps simultaneously to meet quality standards and to optimise the cost situation.


Product Examples:

Wet and Dry Film Thickness Gauge acc. to Rossmann, Model 296

The difference in level between substrate and film surface is gauged by the contact point of the dial indicator. Measuring range 0-1000 μm in 5 μm divisions. For measurements on wet films the contact point is raised by means of a knurled screw and then lowered until it touches the surface of the wet film.

Thickness Gauge PAINT BORER 518 MC

For measuring the thickness of organic coatings on all base materials using the wedge cut principle, with microscope to be turned and moved sideways for measurements on ellipsoidal holes.

Coating Thickness Gauge LAYERCHECK 750 USB

The LAYERCHECK 750 USB-FN provides the magnetic induction principle as well as the eddy-current method. The combined probe enables the measurement of appropriate coatings on the base material steel as well as on non-ferrous metals. The automatic mode for the universal probe ensures the correct measuring method regardless of whether the base material is a ferrous or non-ferrous metal. The instrument recognizes automatically and indicates the type of substrate.