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Sheet metal testing
Classic tests like the cupping test and deep drawing cup test are still indispensable for the preparation of metal forming processes. Increasingly, these tests are supplemented by alternative methods. New materials and their combination as used in the car industry, always require the most appropriate test methods.
Surface testing
To the traditional measured parameters in coating technology, namely “film thickness”, “adhesion” and “gloss”, the testing of the resistance of the coated surface to mechanical damage, namely the measurement of scratch or graze resistance and abrasion resistance have become essential for many applications. Since test methods and test equipment development has kept pace with the demand for higher levels of quality assurance, various possibilities tailored to suit the need of interested users are available to enable the customers to comply with the test requirements of nearly every product.
Corrosion testing
Ferrous and non-ferrous metals are always exposed to the aggressive effects of humidity, acids, lyes, gases, etc.. Therefore the selection of the appropriate surface protection is of decisive importance.
Materials testing
Torque and force measuring devices, Standard machines, Control machines, Calibration machines, Load cells, Tensile and pressure testing machines
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Sheet Metal Testing Machine, Model 145-60

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