Our company, ERICHSEN GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1910. We research, develop, design and manufacture testing equipment and machines for the following fields of application:

Sheet Metal Testing

The quality control and assurance has over the last decades increasingly gained importance and is one of the most important tasks in all areas of industrial production. For almost 100 years a test method to determine the level of quality of sheet metal exists. Abraham M. Erickson is considered the inventor of the cupping test and he patented this test method in the early 20th Century. Meanwhile, the cupping test is adopted by the International Standards Organization (ISO) and therefore valid worldwide in all industrial applications.

Surface Testing

Quality assurance is the most effective protection against “surprises” that nobody likes. ERICHSEN develops for almost 100 years test and measuring instruments indispensable for surface inspection and therefore is closely connected to this industrial sector.

Corrosion Testing

Corrosion creeps under coatings and attacks the products. To reduce these costly failure effects ERICHSEN offer a wide range of testing instruments. Some time or other almost every material will be attacked by corrosion. There are only a few materials, e. g. noble metals, that resist corrosion for a long time. Acid rain, exhaust emission and other influences of civilisation contribute to the caducity of values.

Materials Testing

Leonardo da Vinci, the artist, inventor and scientist of genius of the 15th century, manufactured among others a simple tensile testing instrument for wires - an early forerunner of modern universal testing machines. In the course of the last centuries the branch "material testing„ gained more and more in importance.