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Erichsen Worker 1944

True Viking Spirit - Erichsen Deep-Drawing


The engineer A.M. Erichsen from Porsgrunn/Norway must have been inspired by the Viking spirit and the joys of discovery to set up his own business in Berlin-Reinickendorf. With his first invention, the water-cooled mould, which is still the most widely used casting process in the semi-finished metal products industry, he succeeded in consolidating the economic position of the young company. Equally important was A.M. Erichsen's next invention - the cupping test. It was the first sheet metal testing method ever to determine the degree of quality of sheets and strips. This test method, which was initially patented, has since been adopted by all industrialised countries within the framework of the International Standards Organisation (ISO). Just as temperature is measured in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit all over the world, the standard for sheet metal quality is the Erichsen cupping value.


A.M. Erichsen

In 1928, A.M. Erichsen acquired his first small factory in Teltow near Berlin. Research and experimentation led to further inventions.


Sheet metal cupping test according to Erichsen

In 1930, the Chemisch-Technische Reichsanstalt successfully applied the Erichsen cupping method to test the elasticity and adhesive strength of paints and varnishes. The result was so convincing that the method was adopted by the entire paint and varnish industry in the world.


Erichsen History Paint Testing Machine 225

In 1932, the inventive Northerner A.M. Erichsen introduced deep-drawing cup testing tools. Without them, series production of hollow bodies made of sheet metal would hardly be possible. Many innovations and improvements followed. A.M. Erichsen, obsessed with progressive inventiveness and at the same time commercially highly gifted, now enjoyed an international reputation. What he produced found satisfied customers.


Dr. Per F. Erichsen

After the turmoil of the war years and the loss of his company, A.M. Erichsen decided to start anew in West Germany. His best partner - his son: Dr.-Ing. Per F. Erichsen had studied mechanical engineering in Hanover, obtained a diploma at the Hüttenmännisches Institut of the TH Aachen and a doctorate at the Dortmund Coal Research Institute. Setting up the company was difficult. Without machines, without tools, without construction drawings - in a factory kitchen at the Sundwiger ironworks! But with ideas and determination, they had parts made and assembled them themselves. Today, a modern factory is located nearby, "Am Iserbach" in Hemer.


In 1975, Björn Erichsen joined the company after completing his technical and business studies at the Polytechnikum in Munich and at George Washington University in the USA. Replacing his father, who deservedly retired from active management in 1977 and died in 1988, he is now the third generation to lead the now world-renowned company. Under his leadership, the range of equipment was expanded, especially through the manufacture of modern, non-destructive measuring instruments for surface technology.


Tensile and compression testing machines

In 1998, the decision was made to include tensile and compression testing machines, hydraulic and electronic force and pressure measuring devices as well as calibration devices with highest measuring accuracy, into the product range - a recourse to the previously mastered field of mechanical material testing. Support was provided by some competent former employees, whose knowledge and experience, coupled with the latest findings in the field of hardware and software, have resulted in a modern product range.


In 2007, the next generation change of the tradition-rich family business was successfully completed within the framework of a management buy-out. Dr. Frank Szepan, Managing Director, and Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Schneider, Technical Manager, together with BPE Private Equity, took over 100% of the business shares from Björn and Martin Erichsen. The combination with management participation thus secured the continued existence and independence of the company, which was founded in 1910. With a view to the company's 100th anniversary, Dr. Szepan said: "We are well equipped and with our financially strong partner, we have new opportunities to make our mark on the market and strengthen the ERICHSEN brand worldwide. This means that we will continue to be your reliable partner in all matters relating to measuring and testing.


Managing Director S. Schneider und L. Wahlers (left to right)

Alongside Dr Frank Szepan, Dipl.-Ing. Ludger Wahlers joined the management of the renowned testing machine manufacturer. The nationally and internationally experienced sales specialist had already been responsible for the sales and customer service departments of the long-established company since 3 July 2013. Dr. Dieter Murmann Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH, Kiel, took over all shares of the ERICHSEN Group. It replaced the previous shareholder BPE Unternehmensbeteiligungen GmbH, Hamburg. The management of ERICHSEN remained unchanged on board with Dr. Frank Szepan, Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Schneider and Dipl.-Ing. Ludger Wahlers.



The experienced and long-standing Technical Manager Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Schneider was appointed Managing Director alongside Dipl.-Ing. Ludger Wahlers. Dr. Frank Szepan leaves the company to take on new tasks. In order to serve the North American market even more successfully, ERICHSEN Inc. is founded in Ann Arbor, MICHIGAN, the first employees are trained and the website is launched.


Erichsen GmbH & Co. KG Hemer Company building

For over 100 years, ERICHSEN has been a modern, innovative company with a diverse range of testing machines and equipment for the sheet metal processing, surface coating, corrosion protection and materials testing industries.