ERICHSEN's Best Practice Team

Discover the heart of our success - the ERICHSEN Best Practice Team. We are proud to introduce you to our qualified and dedicated experts who embody an unparalleled mix of many years of practical experience, entrepreneurial spirit, theoretical knowledge and team spirit. Our team forms the solid foundation on which we develop innovative solutions and provide excellent customer service.

Component production made in Germany at ERICHSEN
Our strength is in the interdisciplinary collaboration of different teams that offer a wide range of perspectives on current challenges and concerns on both the corporate and client side. These diverse perspectives enable us to make informed decisions and develop customised solutions.

Tailor-made customer advice by ERICHSEN

Each individual employee at ERICHSEN has outstanding core competencies in a wide variety of tasks and application fields. Whether it is commercial or sales expertise or technical and methodological competence in the special areas such as surface testing, corrosion testing, material testing and sheet metal testing – our team is optimally equipped to meet the diverse requirements of our customers.

Highly innovative measuring and testing equipment made by ERICHSEN

Our holistic process approach is the key to our success and each employee contributes with their individual skills. We value and encourage open thinking, which leads to a culture of innovation. At ERICHSEN, we bring our minds together to explore new directions, tackle challenges and develop breakthrough solutions.

We invite you to get to know our team better and shape the future of measurement and testing together. Trust our best practice team to deliver you excellent results – always with an eye for detail and commitment to the highest quality.

ERICHSEN - Your partner for success and innovation in measuring and testing technology for the fields of sheet metal testing, surface testing, corrosion testing and material testing.