Universal-Sheet Metal Testing Machine
Universal sheet metal testing machine, with Erichsen cupping and deep-draw testing, up to 120 kN tensile force
Universal-Sheet Metal Testing Machine

Model 134

Order number: 01780131
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Universal-Sheet Metal Testing Machine

Model 134

This sheet metal testing machine enables you to carry out the main, currently known deep-draw test procedures on ferrous and non-ferrous metals in a fast and precise manner. It can carry out these and other technical tests on thin sheet metals. This model is used for the ERICHSEN cupping test and ERICHSEN deep-draw cup test on sheets and strips. Tests can also be carried out in accordance with Olsen specifications (as required in the USA) when the appropriate tools are used.


  1. ISO 8490
  2. EN 14-58
  3. EN 14-67
  4. EN ISO 20482
  5. ASTM 643-84
  6. JIS Z-2247
  7. DIN EN 1669
  8. ISO 11 531
  9. JIS Z 2249
  10. GB/T 15825

Technical specifications

Drawing Force

120 kN

Drawing Speed

770 mm/min



Test 1

Erichsen cupping

Test 2

Deep Draw Test