New fully automatic ear measuring device model 126 Plus Automatic

The Model 126 Automatic measures the deep drawing properties of aluminium or steel fully automatically with unique features such as camera-based rolling direction detection.

The new fully automatic Model 126 Plus Automatic ear measuring device
enables the measurement of up to 1500 cups/day. It combines proven and recognised measuring technology and software evaluation of the Model 126 Plus with new unique features such as camera-based rolling direction detection.

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ERICHSEN Ear Measuring Device Model 126 Plus Automatic

With this system, the operator loads individual trays with up to 42 individual test cups. The interchanging magazine can take up to 5 of these trays and can be loaded during ongoing measurement operation. The control system processes the measuring tasks independently and transmits the results to the user's database.

Model 126 Plus Automatic Detail

For this purpose, a tablet is first taken from the changing magazine and fed into the handling system. A barcode scanner checks whether the position of the tablet is used and uniquely identifies the cup to be measured. If the cup cannot be identified, it is automatically ejected separately.

Model 126 Plus Automatic Detail

Identified cups are fed to the rolling direction detection module. Here, the precise position of the cup on the suction cup is measured in relation to the rolling direction. Only then is the earing measured, evaluated according to predefined algorithms (taking the rolling direction into account) and data determined transferred to the customer's database with the ID read from the barcode. The entire process is displayed and can be observed and monitored on the integrated monitors. A new loading of the magazine is necessary approx. every 3 hours. All data collected is stored locally on the computer for a period of up to 1 year for later analysis.