Model 618
Corrosion test chamber, salt spray tests, change tests (humidity control/deep-freeze), 400 litre effective volume
Corrosion Testing Equipment

618 / 400l

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Corrosion Testing Equipment

618 / 400l

"Made in Germany" - The Erichsen Model 618/400l is a corrosion tester for salt spray tests and climate change tests with controlled humidity. The test chamber volume is 400 litres. Manufactured from special GRP, the test chambers are ideally suited for deep-freeze cycles (down to -40 °C, with additional climate control unit) and dry heating (up to +70 °C). The test chambers can be opened pneumatically. The ergonomic design in a combined cabinet/chest form ensures very user-friendly specimen insertion. Operation is via a TFT display with function keys and "Full Color Touch Function". This allows user-friendly programming of constant, rising and falling ramps for temperature and humidity directly via the display. The model 618 is equipped as standard with a control unit for setting the humidity for a range of ambient humidity up to 95 % ± 5 % and up to a maximum temperature of +50 °C.

Purpose and application: In combination with pre-treatment techniques and the latest materials, coating systems have reached a high level of technical maturity. In addition, increased processing requirements and environmental protection aspects lead to further system improvements of the coating materials. Therefore, corrosion protection tests for rapid quality monitoring and investigations of weak points are still indispensable. Due to the worldwide trade with industrial products, the demands on the corrosion resistance of goods for the different climatic zones have increased. This has resulted in many test specifications for climatic change tests in order to simulate these climatic change tests under more stringent conditions. Under accelerated laboratory conditions, these climate change tests provide better information about the relative degree of corrosion than, for example, pure salt spray tests. The stress caused by natural environmental conditions is simulated comparably by climatic cycling tests.

Scope of delivery:

  • Corrosion Tester Model 618/400l
  • external storage container
  • 4 specimen holders for weathering panels
  • compressed air scrubber
  • condensate receptacle
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  15. P-VW 1210
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Technical specifications

Test 1

Condensation test

Test 2

Salt spray (fog) tests

Test 3

Cyclic corrosion test

Test 4

Test including controlled humidity

Test 5

Testing with low temperatures

Effective Volume